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About Our Program

At U2 Quality Seedstock, We’re Proud to Produce High-Performing Genetics for Commercial Cattlemen

U2 Quality Seedstock is first and foremost a family operation dedicated to the never-ending improvement of the cattle industry. Functional cowherd strength has always been the basis of our ideology. Simply put, superior cow herds raise superior bulls that sire more valuable calves that add value to the entire industry!

We’ve used artificial insemination and embryo transfer (ET) extensively and aggressively to build and improve a balanced, consistent, progressive cow herd. We presently implant more than 400 embryos per year from both our top donors and select elite donors worldwide.

Our strong commercial following is the lifeblood of our business and the best testament to our program! Multigenerational relationships with some of the greatest outfits and people behind them are cherished and a valued part of many of the decisions that we make every day. Our industry-changing genetics fulfill our goal of making your operation as efficient and profitable as possible.

Our Program History

Our family’s Angus story began in 1992 when Mom and Dad used their wedding money to purchase five Red Angus heifers. They were very impressed with the big-bodied, sound-footed cowherd and only chose heifers out of cows with impeccable udders and production records.

A year later, they purchased an entire year of “T” cows. The cows were 10 years old at the time. These mature cows had faultless udders, were sound-footed with correct leg structure and massive rib shape, and were obviously incredibly fertile with built-in longevity. Many produced until they were 17 and 18 years of age! This type of cow became our focus, goal, and benchmark that we would build our herd upon.

Similarly, our Black Angus program started out as an older group of foundation cows that were selected for the exact same traits and criteria. We’ve built both herds through continuous selection pressure and commitment. We’ve placed rigid demands on the cattle to earn their place in our program.

U2 Quality Seedstock Today

Tia and I own and manage all purebred and commercial operations at U2Q. We feel our passion for both the cattle and industry is evident in our cowherd and bullpen. We are backed by 30 years of experience in the business and feel blessed to be a part of so many progressive commercial and registered operations throughout North America.

Our commercial following has picked up on this as they have the same real-world priorities as we do. They have been our greatest blessing in the business! The relationships and friendships that have been made along the way are priceless!

Our cattle run in the short grass country of Southern Alberta. They summer in the foothills and mountains southwest of the home ranch and must be able to travel and forage at sometimes high elevations and tough conditions to survive. As our herd grows, so do our expectations of our cows. With large contemporary groups and emphasis on accountability for performance, we have identified the best of the best and chosen to propagate through our ET program. You will find many full and half sisters tracing back to our very best multigenerational donors.

Please feel free to call or visit anytime.

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